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NORDE LSM is a specialty lubricant additive designed to improve boundary lubrication, assist with removing unwanted contaminants and reduce fuel and energy consumption. NORDE LSM achieves these impressive results by reducing internal friction while it coats and cleans metallic surfaces. Benefits from having NORDE LSM as part of your lubrication solutions can be observed as soon as the system activates.

Clients typically experience:
  • Fuel and Energy Savings

  • Improved Oil Life

  • Reduced Heat

  • Simplified Maintenance

  • Reduced Noise

  • Extended Parts Life

Continuous friction between contacting parts is the unavoidable and leading source of damage to components. As metallic surfaces become heated, they will degrade away and release wear metals into the lubricant. As wear metals increase, they combine with rising internal temperatures to cause premature lubrication failure and an assortment of increased operational costs.

When NORDE LSM comes in contact with a warm metal surface (above approx. 120ºF/50ºC) a microscopic surface is bonded through a thermo-chemical reaction. This surface is a complex blend of synthetic esters that form a smooth, reinforced shell. Then, the LSM treated surface can begin to reduce the amount of friction and its related damaging effects.

At the same time, lubricant failure causes varnish and sludge to form which increases equipment failure and damage. NORDE LSM is proven to clean metallic surfaces of varnish and sludge and will assist with the removal and prevention of wear metals.

NORDE LSM will return the internals of equipment to a clean, like-new state and improve operations showing reductions in energy and fuel consumption. NORDE LSM can also help extend maintenance intervals and ensure equipment remains reliable. These unique features make NORDE LSM a must have product for every maintenance department. It is recommended to use NORDE LSM at 5% of the total volume of lubricant. When using NORDE LSM on dirtier systems it is important to monitor oil filters as they can become prematurely overloaded and cause a temporary strain on the system.

Ultimately, what this means is NORDE LSM will improve equipment operations beyond the capabilities of a traditional lubricant. NORDE LSM’s effectiveness is due to:

  • Unique improved lubrication and protection

  • Cleaner metallic surfaces

  • Removal of contaminants

With operational conditions being repaired or improved, equipment can perform efficiently, as expected. Your benefits are:

  • Extended operation intervals or Improved reliability during intervals

  • Reduced fuel and energy consumption

  • Simplified maintenance operations

NORDE LSM Case Studies

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