About Us


HerdmanTech is a family owned international company with operations based in Canada and production in the United States. HerdmanTech has developed a revolutionary line of products called NORDE® that boost the performance of conventional machinery fluids and internal combustion engines.

The HerdmanTech team has applied knowledge and proven experience to the research and development of innovative products that filled a need in the oil and fuel additive industry. This product creation was a direct response to gaps in efficiency fueled by antiquated technology. The NORDE® product development was based on creating solutions to circumvent problems and drawbacks from excessive heat, wear metals, and premature failure in metallic surfaces. HerdmanTech recognized the industry’s past issues and inefficiencies and created solutions with their own proven innovative technology. They have used their history and knowledge to change how gear oil is used in the future, setting a new standard in the industry for efficiency and performance consistency.


HerdmanTech has created proven products that are easy to use, and ready to go as 1 to 1 replacement. Our NORDE® products provide immediate benefits from cleaner systems through the reduction of wear material resulting in energy efficient savings and results based ROI.

HerdmanTech sets the pace for an advanced standard of process performance through an extended investment in research and development to ensure the NORDE® product was ready for the market. By identifying a need and way to turn back the clock on operational costs HerdmanTech has developed a product that is a direct solution to reduced mechanical failure and operational costs. Key issues in inefficiency were identified and micro technologies were applied to remove heat and reduce production of wear metals prevalent in used oil products. HerdmanTech took the time essential to do real world testing to ensure reliable, continuous results and assurance for confident operations.

HerdmanTech has a reputation for raising the level of quality in gear oil through an ongoing commitment to innovation that translates to return on investment for our customers.


Product innovation is at the core of ensuring a safe, stable environment for a sustainable world.


Family values are a part of our DNA and corporate plans are based on what is the “right thing” to do. Herdman Technology has an ongoing commitment to keeping a keen eye on performance against return on investment guided by an ethical compass thereby setting the standard for responsible innovation.

HerdmanTech understands their part in how every action starts with an impact on community and then evolves to a global focus. Our team, community, and environmentally focused values will always be a part of all we do. At HerdmanTech we deeply believe that family, legacy and commitment are a responsibility that extends to creating a more sustainable world with an environmentally conscious footprint.


With products that are easy to use, ready to go, as 1 to 1 replacement some of the immediate benefits include:

  1. Energy efficient savings
  2. Reduce downtime and mechanical failures
  3. Less consumption
  4. Temperature and noise reduction
  5. Reduction of wear metals
  6. Cleans System
  7. Extends life of oil
  8. Increased lubricity

Herdman Technology Ltd. products are tracked for indicators of success that translate into ROI for our customers.


With our quality control and satisfaction focused 6-step Oil Engagement Program

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1. Confidential Analysis

HerdmanTech does a complete machine audit with a review of all available data and finances, analysis of unit history and current maintenance practices.

2. Education

A review of all appropriate Herdman products will be conducted with a focus on product features and how they will impact unit performance. A question and answer period will follow up and a colour-coded viscosity identifier sticker will be applied to each selected machine. (universal coding system)

3. Solution Package

A range of products needed will be identified which will best impact ROI. HerdmanTech will also provide cost on each identified product along with projected savings and value proposals. They will also set the new expectations for gear oil performance based on data-back research.

4. Annual 10 point audit performance check

HerdmanTech will provide a streamlined oil analysis system for future submission and testing and will review ongoing maintenance practices and schedules for performance indicators. This performance check will be also be supported by an annual visit.

5. Streamline oil analysis system for ongoing submission and testing

Herdman will provide a simplified Oil analysis kit so that performance improvements are easily monitored and reviewed.

6. Value-add

HerdmanTech will continuously review and commit to reporting with accurate and intelligent data that is supported by research and scientific analysis.

We are committed to building relationships that work by knowing our clients, understanding their needs, and responding with products and service that work for them!


HerdmanTech has applied their family values, legacy and commitment to a responsibility focused on creating a more sustainable world with an environmentally conscious footprint.