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With NORDE FSR and NORDE LSM you will see immediate results in extended oil change intervals, reduced emissions, and reduced fuel consumption, while continuously driving down operating costs.



Fuel System Revitalizer

Using only 0.2% of NORDE FSR®, a CAT powered Loader experienced a cut in their NOx by 39.6%, a 24.9% decline in their NO2, as well as a reduction in their NO by 41.9%.

Find out what 0.2% can do for you!



Lubrication Surface Modifier

The lubricating oil in a Gentry-CAT 398N/A 400 Horse Power Natural Gas Compressor was treated with NORDE LSM at 5%. It experienced a 73.2% increase in compression, oil usage was reduced by 84% and there was a temperature reduction of 5%, as reported by the Dresser Rand technicians.

Find out what 5% can do for you!

Tried, Tested and True!

Below you will find Case Studies from HerdmanTech Ltd. We are always in the process of performing more studies and will update this page as new ones appear.

About Us

Herdman Technology Ltd. is a Canadian company in Windsor, Ontario that has developed a revolutionary line of additives called NORDE. Our NORDE products excel in operations where most others fail. NORDE products boost the performance of conventional fluids used in industrial machinery and in internal combustion engines so the results achieved exceed the standard.

Herdman Technology Ltd.

Our Company Mission

  • Help Clean Your Environment

    Herdman Technology® works collectively with responsible companies that are actively pursuing better ideas for both their people and the environment.

  • Improved Levels of Efficiencies

    The Herdman Technology Team comes from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise to find new and exciting ways to operate more efficiently.  From cutting edge scientifically formulated products to first-hand industry advice.

  • Providing You With Intelligent Solutions

    Herdman Technology continues to be on the forefront of revolutionary technology that will save you both time and money.  Our proven, tried and true products work instantly to lower operating costs such as fuel and energy savings, downtime, and other unforeseen costs, providing you with a hassle-free solution.

What others say about us

Keith McCarrick

I am a career Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer with AMTRAK, one of North America’s most prominent passenger rail carriers. Previously I was with SEPTA for 25 years.  For years we had very high iron content in our used gear lubricants and were plagued with having to remove and rebuild gearbox after gearbox. This continuous process became a costly mess.  We added NORDE LSM and kept a tabulated account of the iron content for 9 months. The results were astounding…

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Keith McCarrickMechanical/Manufacturing Engineer