NORDE Performance Products

Supported by extensive testing, our NORDE® line of products aid in the superior performance of conventional fluids and fuels with results that exceed the standard. Whether you’re an owner operator of a trucking or transportation company, have an automotive fleet, are involved with racing and high-performance vehicles or just need your company’s machinery to operate at its best, NORDE® will deliver for you. And that’s not just talk. We have the testing results to back it up. Click on our case studies to see how NORDE® has performed, again and again.

NORDE Products can be found in:
  • Trucking

  • Transportation

  • Fleet

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Power Generation

  • Racing

  • Steel

  • Marine

NORDE FSR is a fuel treatment designed to improve fuel and engine efficiency, reduce emissions and extend performance between maintenance. These results are achieved by NORDE FSR’s ability to simultaneously clean, lubricate and condition the fuel and fuel system. Once NORDE FSR begins to circulate through your fuel system the benefits can be observed almost immediately.

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NORDE LSM is a specialty lubricant additive designed to improve boundary lubrication, assist with removing unwanted contaminants and reduce fuel and energy consumption. NORDE LSM achieves these impressive results by reducing internal friction while it coats and cleans metallic surfaces. Benefits from having NORDE LSM as part of your lubrication solutions can be observed as soon as the system activates.

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NORDE Performance Products are available for:
  • Compressors

  • Stationary Gearboxes

  • Greases

  • Hydraulics

  • Turbines

  • Fuel Solutions

  • Transportation Gearboxes

  • and more…

Our Goal

Our main goal is to make your engines run smoother, cleaner, more efficiently. That’s a big demand, but we’re up to the challenge. Our NORDE® products provide immediate benefits from cleaner systems through the reduction of wear and contaminant materials. Simply put, we help your engines run like they should. This adds up to energy efficient savings and results-based ROI for your company.

We believe in research. So, we’ve tested. Through an extended investment in research and development, we ensured the NORDE® products perform. Companies need their machinery to last to keep operational costs in line. NORDE® gear oils and fuel additives help turn back the clock for your machinery, by reducing mechanical failure. Key issues of inefficiency were identified and micro technologies were applied to remove heat and reduce production of wear metals prevalent in used oil products. Through real-world testing, HerdmanTech ensures reliable, continuous results and confident operations.

Our reputation for raising the level of quality in our products through an ongoing commitment to innovation translates to return on investment for our customers.

Latest Case Studies

HerdmanTech has a reputation of raising the level of quality in gear oil through an ongoing commitment to research and innovation with proven results. Please click here to see more Case Studies.

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